" I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. "                                                                 Pablo Picasso
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Thirteen Democrats joined all 40 Republicans to block a permanent repeal of Medicare's payment formula for doctors, with lawmakers concluding the legislation's $247 billion 10-year price tag was too steep in an era of record deficits.
The so-called "doc fix" is a near-annual ritual in Congress aimed at preventing physicians from turning away Medicare patients because they are paid too little for the visits. A 1997 deficit-reduction law established federal spending targets that were linked to economic growth, but when medical costs continued to rise at a faster pace, the net effect was to require a huge yearly cut to doctor reimbursement rates. As of Jan. 1, 2010, doctors are scheduled for another 21 percent decrease.
While everyone in Congress agrees the payment formula is a failed model, producing the enormous sum needed to eliminate it has proven impossible. Instead, lawmakers have resorted to temporary fixes, like the one-year repeal that had been included in the Senate Finance Committee's version of health-care reform.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) brought permanent repeal to the floor at the behest of the American Medical Association, whose support Democrats are courting for their health-care reform efforts. Reid said he had been reassured that GOP support would be considerable. "I was told by various people we have 27 Republican votes," Reid told reporters Wednesday morning.
Page size 960 x1600
Image has properties left: 25% and width: 50%. Height is unset - so the image will be resized with a preserved ratio & appear 'normal'
Image has properties left: 5%, but checkbox "right" is checked, so this image will have an offset from the right border 960 *5% and width: 50%. Height is included - so the image will be resized
Advanced Positioning (CSS) Overrides the appearance in the GYRE.  See the Blue Filler above in the GYRE vs  the page (select blue filler in the GYRE & review Advanced Positioning).
The text to the left is also affected by this CSS 'override'.   1) Click some white space below in the GYRE.2) On the Properties palette, click Attach CSS.  Notice that a CSS file is attached 'text.css'.3) This css is located in Files.  Click the YTree 'Files' - aelect 'text.css' Source - to review. It is:
.newtext span.block{  font-family: courier, serif !important;  font-weight: 900;  font-size: 18px  !important;  background-color: navy;}
4) Now from within the GYRE click the green textbox and look at the Properties Palette 'CSS Class'.  You will see that this green textblock is assigned 'newtext' - which will override the appearance in the GYRE.
The following elements have an of attribute float: left, with top bottom % inverted & will be arranged (related to their width, two in row):
Click a filler to the left (or other objects) and select Advanced Positioning from the Properties palette.
A few Buttons that use CSS
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