" I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. "                                                                 Pablo Picasso
Web System Examples
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A few Web System, simple Examples
The Web System Examples have been designed to help you test the overall flexibility of Younicycle.  All of the Examples are partially developed, in that they could be enhanced or adapted for similar needs.   We hope you create better methods that target your specific goals.  Focus on the concepts - and then apply them to your needs.  Tinker with everything, pull it apart, study how this works with that and affects the other.  Create your own content,  check your output and test, test, test.  You will learn very little by simply viewing the pages.  Dig in and learn.
You can 'see' & work with each individual object (including this page) by using the YTree (to your left).
If you have a question during your 15 day Test account - simply send an email to info@younicycle.com.  If we can help, we will.  Make sure you send your Account name and make your question as complete as possible.
If you decide to proceed - but either do not want to 'do it yourself' or - cannot find a suitable developer, let us know.  We offer a plan that can get you up to speed in a hurry.
The Web System's Kit content was made by a Novice - with a bit of patient & amiable assistance from the Younicycle Development group.  The Themes (the underlying appearance) were quickly made by a Professional Designer.We encourage you to investigate and explore.
We hope your time is well spent and that our relationship becomes more than bits and bytes.

The Staff of Younicycle5/31/2009
Post note: 1/11/2013These examples are now nearly four years old - and yet, they still work.  Can the same be said for your exisitng desktop software?  Have you needed to update Filemaker, Microsoft Access or any of your other local software installs?
Web System Kit